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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

What is SMP? Scalp Micropigmentation is a tattoo technique that resembles your own hair follicles.  Literally thousands of tiny dots, individually placed by your artist to achieve your bespoke look.  These follicle like dots can be placed in between your existing hair to give a denser look, appearing to have more hair.  SMP can also give the look of a shaved head, instead of a bold head.  SMP can also camouflage a scare on the scalp or fill in a bold spot.

Many men and women try to achieve a similar look by using toppik or hair make up powders and sprays.  SMP is a great way to stop having the daily hassle and achieve the bespoke look you want. 

SMP is typically performed in three sessions, with very little downtime. Resuming back to your daily routine in no time. 

SMP is not only for men who are bold, this is an amazing treatment for all people with different needs. MIXX can work with all kinds of needs, hair lengths, achieve a hairline, achieve grater density, camouflage scares from hair transplants or past trauma, bald spots, and more.

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